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Darren Ryan

Darren Ryan


Five dives in and I was hooked like a fish :)

I started diving just for fun and within a few weeks it was clear I had found my passion.

I went diving every weekend in any bit of water I could find from the pool to the sea, and from rivers to lakes I just could not get enough of it. Watching the divemasters and instructors getting to dive and go on adventures every day inspired me to undertake an adventure of my own. 

So goodbye to the suit and tie and hello to the mask and snorkel! Countless days of fun filled dives since and now i'm the one bringing that new eager bever out on their brand new underwater adventre. 

Jasmine Blenkins-o'callaghan

Jasmine Blenkins-O'Callaghan


Jasmine learnt to dive during the first year of her degree in Marine Science and hasn't been out of the water since! Jasmine has dived all around the west coast of Ireland and abroad. Having been a member of the Ocean Life team for the past three years, Jas is the ideal person to guide you around our various sites. She may even put her mariney senses to use and spot something lurking where others would fin right on by.